The killer of the lake

Directed by: Jérôme Cornuau
Written by: Jeanne Le Guillou & Bruno Dega
Running time : 6 x 52 min

Casting :
Julie de Bona,
Lannick Gautry,
Marie Anne Chazel,
Annie Duperrey,
Julie Depardieu

A co-production : AT-Prod / Éléphant Story / RTBF / France Télévision
Supported by : CNC / RTS

3 years after their meeting, Lise and Clovis are both posted elsewhere, she in the police, he at the gendarmes. Chance of life, or not… The couple begins a new life on the shores of another lake : Annecy, with their nine months old son, Tom. While each one discovers, step by step, the shadow part of the other, linked to new ambiguous and disturbing characters, they will have to stay united to investigate together on murders of women perpetrated without logic apparent by a serial killer