The mystery of the lake

Directed by : Jérôme Cornuau
Written by : Jeanne Le Guillou & Bruno Dega
Running time : 6 x 52 min

Casting :
Barbara Schulz,
Arié Elmaleh,
Lannick Gautry,
Marie Anne Chazel,
Laurent Bateau,
Claire Borotra

A co-production : AT-Prod / Éléphant Story / RTBF / France Télévision
Supported by : HD1 / CNC / RTS

« The disparition of a 16 years old girl, apparently without any trouble, will put the chaos in the community of a small tourist town close to a lake. This little town, will undergo the rumors and calumnies that will reveal secrets behind each facade of inhabitants. Following false leads on false leads. Among them, Lise Stocker – Young criminal inspector of Paris, visiting her mother, suffering to alzheimer’s disease, and who will become more involved than she should in this case during which the hidden face of her story and his teenage years will be revealed to her