A series by : Lionel Bailliu
Written by : Isabel Sébatian, Sylvain Saada, Lionel Bailliu, Yann Le Gal, Olivier Fox, Catherine Ramberg, Pierre-Yves Mora, Akima Seghir
Running time : 6 x 52 min

Casting :
Julie de Bona,
Sagamore Stevenin,
Olivia Bonamy,
Thomas Jouannet,
Jeanne Bournaud,
Bernard Le Coq,
Alexandra Vandernoot,
Thibault Vincon,
Laura Genovino

A co-production with : Gazelle & Cie / AT-Prod / France Télévision / RTBF
Supported by : CNC / TV5 Monde

Roxane Delage, archeology professor in Marseille, waking up naked and haggard beside the body of a murdered man, in the living room of a house in which she had come to carry out the expertise of a Mayan mask.
She panics and runs away.
Few hours later, the police arrive in her home for stop her in front of his daughter, Alma, 8 years old and his husband Alexis. She is stopping for the murder of this man who is presented as her lover while she is never saw him before. All evidences accumulate against her. She was then incarcerated and finally sentenced to twelve years’ imprisonment.
8 years later, she leave the prison and will take all the risk to prove his innocence.