The trainee Season 1 to 3

A series by : Christophe Campos (Ep2, 3, 4) and Olivier Barma (Ep1, 5, 6)
Written by : Jeanne le Guillou, Bruno Dega, Isabelle Sebastian and Laurent Burtin
Running time : 6 x 52 min (season 1 and 2) and 8 x 52 min (season 3)

Casting :
Michèle Bernier,
Antoine Hamel,
Philippe Lelièvre,
Nicolas Marié,
Géraldine Loup,
Soraya Garlenq

A co-production with : Gazelle & Cie / Éléphant Story / AT-Prod / France Télévision / RTBF
Supported by : CNC / RTS

Constance Meyer, is a trainee with an atypical profil.
After a miscarriage of justice which put her in jail, Constance decided to take a new career way.
At 50, her who was an agricultural exploiter and mayor of her village, became a student at the National School of Magistracy.
For her training, she has to do a traineeship in Marseille with the judge of instruction Frédéric Filiponi, young magistrate, a little bit "formatted' by his function. While our heroine, got the energy, the freshness, the grace of the beginner, lined with a sacred temperament !
For her first trainee day, Constance is affected to a crime scene, the dead is Maxime Luthier, a 45 years old man, recently released from prison after serving a sentence for domestic violence.
Constance, with her sense of justice, but also her empathy, will shake up the evidences in order to make the whole truth about this case.
This traineeship, which should be a formality, will change the Constance motivation, which also manage the separation with her family, Barth her husband, Alice and Antoine her children, stayed at the farm.