A series by ; Jean-Xavier de Lestrade and Laurent Herbiet
adapted from series "Broadchurch" by Chris Chibnall
Running time : 8 x 52 min

Casting :
Simon Abkarian,
Constance Dollé,
Louise Monot,
Nicolas Duvauchelle,
Béatrice Dalle,
Michael Gregorio

A co-production with : Shine France Films / AT-Prod / France Télévision / RTBF
Supported by : CNC

Malaterra. For those who live there, this city is a haven of peace, a shelter, until the death of a child. This united community where everybody believed they could trust each other. Who killed Nathan ? And why… ? The gendarmerie captain Thomas Rotman is a stranger in this Island. It is him who is in charge to find the criminal. He is convinced that the criminal is hiding among the Malaterra’s resident, unlike the adjuvant head Karine Marchetti, his colleague, who refused to imagine that the evil could come from the city where she grew up.
Each day that passes destroys a little bit more the soul of this city and the life of everyone. Find quickly the guilty is the only way to save what can still be.