The law of Alexander (episode 1 to 3)

A series of Claude-Michel Rome
Written by Céline and Martin Guyot
Running time : 90 min

Casting :
Gérard JUGNOT,
François DUVAL,

A co-production with : Fit production / AT-Prod / France télévision / RTBF
With the support of : TV5 monde

Alexandre Laurent and Raphael Menaud are inseparable since their childhood, in the public assistance. Become lawyers and associates, they form an awesome duo. One is a brillant speaker and the other one is the best lawyer but he preferred stand in the shade. Alexandre, since ever, got an unfailing admiration for his friend Raphael.
But one day, Alexandre finds the body withtout life of Raphael…
It is a drame which he struggles to recover. And it is for unmask the murderer of his « brother » that Alexandre will put himself in the light…