War and Peace

A film by Robert Dornhelm
6x90 min

Alexander Beyer - Pierre Bézoukhov
Clémence Poésy - Natacha Rostov
Alessio Boni - Prince André Bolkonsky

An AT-Séries & Films TV / Pampa Production / Luxvide / RTBF / France 2 coproduction

Early 19th century. Napoleon leads his Great Army through Russia as life goes on in Moscow. Count Rostov is about to celebrate his daughter Natacha's birthday party. A rebel soul, the young girl can't stand the corset her mother forces her to wear. During the ball, a messenger delivers the news that Russia has joined Austria in the war against Napoleon. Men are rejoicing but women are worried.
After meeting at the ball, André and Natacha can't help thinking about each other. Widowed, André asks for his father's approval to marry Natacha. Opposed to this union, the prince demands that his son take a year of reflexion and forces him join the Tsar's army as a commandant.