Directed by Benoit d’Aubert
2 x 52 min

Casting :
Michele Bernier - Marie Valmont, la juge
Emilie Caen - Vanessa, la Greffière
Jean-Baptiste Puech - Chaptal, le Procureur

An AT-Séries & Films TV / Elephant Story / TF1 / RTBF coproduction

Today, France has more than 60,000 prisoners. After years of incarceration, some are still claming their innocence. And what if they were true?
Miscarriage of justice: an injustice, a bad twist of fate which each of us could all face one day ... Simply being present at the wrong place at the wrong time to be charged with a crime we did not commit.
Injustice is the story of doomed, broken destiny, that we may have wrongly find guilty. In each episode of this series, the discovery of a new element that create doubt about the guilt of the accused party revive the investigation. Revisions of controversial trials that challenge the court by plunging into the past of a case thought to be definitively resolved.
At the heart of these cases, Mary Valmont, a woman with a heart who swapped his cop outfit for the one of a examining magistrate. Far from the image haughty and disconnected from reality that we commonly have, Mary loves the field investigation and does not hesitate to move heaven and earth, against the will of his peers, so that the truth can be restored and that justice is done.