Directed by Arnauld Sélignac
8 x 52 min

Mylène Jampanoï - Jolanne de Valcourt
Jean-Hugues Anglade - Philippe de Valcourt
Rémi Bichet - Craig Walker
Olivier Sitruk - Ranveer Singh

An AT-Séries & Films TV / Son et Lumière / France 2 / RTBF coproduction

Just after having buried his father, Jolanne de Valcourt, a young woman, beautiful, sensual and rebellious, is horribly betrayed by her half-brother and falsely accused of murder. She must flee and disappear. Her adventures will lead her to India where she's sold, then hunted and finally become a princess. Between vengeance and passion, Jolanne becomes Rani, heroin, modern woman, loved as much as betrayed. This series tells a decade of love and adventure between Jolanne and the beautiful English officer, Craig Walker, in a 18th century India as voluptuous as refined.