Fais pas ci fais pas ça (Season 1 to 6)

Directed by Alexandre Pidoux
2008 untill now
7 Seasons, 50 x 52 min

Casting :
Isabelle Gélinas - Valérie Bouley
Bruno Salamone - Denis Bouley
Valérie Bonneton - Fabienne Lepic
Yaniss Lespert - Christophe Lepic

An AT-Séries & Films TV / Elephant Story / France2 / RTL-TVI coproduction

Two Neighbourg families, embodying two different educational methods, are filmed daily in their everyday life for several months. On one side, Denis and Valérie Bouley are refusing the autoritarian method of their parents and built together a blended family. On the other side, Renaud and Fabiennt Lepic, certains that the problem of the youth comes from the demission fo the parents and commend strict education they want to pass on to their children. All parents doing their best, with their best will and doubts....But parents who would, if marked like thieir childrens at school, probably obtain the grade "can do better"

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