A thriller of 8 episodes
Written by : Antoine Négrevergne, Camille Pistone, Salim Talbi, Gaetan Delferrière, Simon Bertrand and Boris Tilquin`
Directed by Nathalie Basteyns et Kaat Beels
Running time : 8 x 52 min
In development - "Belgian series" RTBF

In coproduction with De Mensen

Chaos rules over Brussels after the most legendary gangster of the city, Franck Pistone, has been found murdered in the middle of street. Franck was known for the biggest heist of the twentieth century, 30 years ago. From that moment on, Franck and his treasure disappeared completely… Until now.
And today with the murder of Franck, every people in Brussels have two questions in mind : WHY the heck did Franck came back to Brussels after so long and WHERE is Frank’s treasure ?

Following our main character, Camille Maerst, a perfect nobody young adult, a few answers will be given to the spectator, but much more questions will arise ! Indeed, Camille discovers in the very first steps of the series that he is Frank Pistone's lovechild… How ? By receiving his father’s first and last gift… a treasure map.
To find the loot of his unknown father, Camille will have to sail through the roughest areas of Brussels.
Let the most dangerous treasure hunt begin !